In August 2013 teachers from Secondary School #8 Kogalym, Russia visited Great Britain the second time. The goal of their visit was to learn English and practice it in real British atmosphere.

First of all, they stayed in Eastbourne. It is a nice town with happy people who always smile and greet each other. Wonderful surroundings with a view of the English Channel, a lot of beautiful parks where one can have a rest, read a book or go jogging.

During two weeks our teachers worked hard in different groups: they had English classes, met some interesting and cheerful people from different countries, communicated with them and practiced their English.

As for accommodation, Russian teachers lived in British families not far away from the school. It gave an additional opportunity for the intensive study of English, promoted a more effective study and the use of colloquial speech, which made it possible to learn more about the culture of Great Britain.


Comments by our teacher about the trip:

It was so interesting to live and study in another country. The teachers were wonderful! I liked everything, especially friendly and enjoyed atmosphere at the school.


I wanted to achieve good results and paid much attention to studies.  I met a great number of intelligent and kind-hearted people. I am really happy to have had such experience in my life! 

Рубрика: IB News