29/10/2013 we had some unforgettable hours of communicating with 2 foreigners, Tracy Cincler and John Parsons. Tracy is from New Zealand, but she lives in Italy, John is from Great Britain, Brighton. We had a chance to ask them questions about all we are interested in. It was great! Tracy is a beautiful woman; she was laughing and joking all the time. But John is a serious but fantastic speaker. They said that it was wonderful experience to visit Western Siberia, Russia and communicate with Russian students. Tracy liked the question of pronunciation of Russian words and names. So cool! It was my question! I was so excited. In conclusion I would like to say that I liked that meeting. It was great pleasure for me and all our pupils to speak to people from English-speaking countries.

Anastasia Basarabets, 9M

 On the 29th of October our school met two foreigners, Tracy Cincler, from New Zealand and John Parsons, from England. It was real pleasure to talk with them. Firstly, we had a nice talk with them. As for Tracy, she is from New Zealand, but now she has been living in Italy with her 7 cats. I was amazed that 3 of them have Russian names: Omsk, Tomsk and Sochi. She is very funny and out-going. What about John? He is from Brighton, Great Britain, and he works as a writer of students’ books. Now he is writing a thriller. He mentioned also that he really loved Russia. To sum up, we have had wonderful hours of speaking English and joking. It was a great experience for me and our school at all!


Maria Chmil, 9M


On the 29th of October 2013 my classmates and I had a meeting with Tracy Cincler and John Parsons. We were talking with them for about an hour and half. This meeting has become a great opportunity for me and my classmates to improve our English, especially speaking skills. During this event we got to know our guests better, about their life in Italy and United Kingdom. I was amazed with the fact that John likes heavy metal music and his son plays the piano and drums. As for Tracy, she was smiling and joking about everything. Everything and everyone seemed «lovely» for her. I really liked her attitude to it. I was really glad to meet such people and had a great face to face talk with them. My friends and I took some nice pictures with the REAL British. Thanks “LINGUA” for organizing such an unforgettable meeting. Besides, we got some wonderful presents!

Kate Popova, 9M


Рубрика: IB News , Научно-иссдедовательская деятельность