A week ago, on the 10 of October, our school has organized the Festival “Bear’s Corner”, which has become a traditional event. For the third time our school opened the door to many art groups and guests not only of our city but also from Moscow and Nizhnevartovsk, where they could demonstrate their talents.

“I think it’s an important event, because the theme of this festival was “the folklore”. Such events allow the young generation not to forget their roots, help to respect the heritage of the Russian people, Russian culture and Russian language.

A lot of folk songs and dances were performed by the festival participants. Most of them made me we dance. The school studio theatre “Square”, which includes the students of our school, presented the brilliant show of one of the tales by Shergin with its instructive experience. Our good friends from Moscow school could not miss this event. They made the audience happy with their colorful staging with the truly Russian spirit — with bagels at the fair and folk music instruments.

When I watched the children performances of different groups, I felt the pleasant trembling, my heart filled with joy and pride of the fact that folklore is not forgotten. Our heritage is so rich that it is possible to show it without stopping. And if we had more time, this festival could continue for a week or two. The hall was full of positive energy; everybody could see how much effort and talent the participants put into each movement, word and sound.

The festival changes every year. These year newcomers were the guests from Nizhnevartovsk, who were talented and funny, too. I hope they will become our best friends in the nearest future.

Colorful costumes decorated with folk patterns, soulful songs, funny dances and tales are familiar to us from childhood — all these things have created an indescribable feeling of pleasant warmth, solidarity and peace, just like in a family. The participants have really become a true family and the festival “Bear’s Corner” is now the house where is very pleasant to come back.

Olga Kulikova, 11А

Рубрика: IB News