«Do you want to learn the basic principles of effective teaching? Are you ready to understand how to develop the skills at pupils necessary for successful learning? You don’t know how to install confidence in children of taking exams successfully? Do you want to help parents to create children’s independence in learning, to learn to take useful experience from mistakes?

Then, you must visit our Secondary School #8!!!

We’ll share our bright emotions and wonderful impressions about a practical workshop for teachers, students and their parents.     We’ll tell you how we understand deeply the idea of giving our students a new type of education, the worthy one.

The competent advice of Mr. King, who is an internationally respected author, teacher, workshop facilitator, conference presenter from New Zealand, helps us in this case. Lance King believes that nothing is possible; we can overcome all difficulties on our way together with our students and their children. Thank you very much, Mr. King! You helped us to believe in ourselves, in our students and in our ability to do everything.»

Natalia Obuhova Russian Language and Literature teacherSecondary School #8

«On 29 of November 2013 in our school was held the workshop in English language for high school students «Exam Confidence». The workshop was prepared by Lance King, an internationally respected author, teacher, workshop facilitator, conference presenter from New Zealand.

I think many students have had an experience in communication with native English speakers before, but every time when we meet new people, we can get new knowledge. It is an amazing opportunity to get an unforgettable experience.

The workshop lasted for five hours but time passed quickly because it was very interesting, amazing and informative. Lance King taught us how to plan our time management before exams properly and how to organize our workplace in our notebooks, what should we do before the exams and how not to worry. He told us that we should not be afraid of anything new, even if this new is completely unknown. And the general slogan of the day was: «You should not say I can’t, you should say I have not tried to do it yet «. This slogan helped many participants to learn the basics of juggling. Lance King also introduced us three learning strategies, talked about the abilities of our memory and memory techniques.

Lance King is a very friendly and sociable person. He is ready to help everybody. When he noticed that we did not understand something at once, he tried to explain with gestures and emotions. But all in all, all material was very understandable. It was interesting and very pleasant to listen to our new teacher.

I am very glad I have visited the workshop, because all the participants were able to get a lot of experience and positive emotions. My schoolmates and me found a lot of useful information and left the classroom really happy. Yes, the ability to prepare for the exam properly is a very significant topic right now, but I think the most important thing is the belief that everything will be OK. I need to understand it, as a graduate. Lance King helped us to become more confident, to believe in ourselves and to go further towards knowledge and the exams.»

Olga Kulikova, 11A formSecondary School #8

«We would like to thank Mr. King for the meeting with parents of Secondary School #8, Kogalym on the 29th of November, 2013. The topic of the workshop for parents is very hot. The useful information that we have got, gives all parents the opportunity to be closer to their children, help them in difficult situations, find out the roots of a problem and the solution of it. The meeting took place in a benevolent atmosphere. Parents listened to Lance King with great interest and asked him questions.

Parents got useful recommendations how to help their children and themselves to be successful through their school years; got Mr. King’s web site where they are able to find answers to parents’ questions.

We are also grateful for the wonderful concert before the meeting to the headmistress of school, Mrs. Bazhenova, school teachers and children.»

Parents of Secondary school #8

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