On 7 April 2014 the final conference of interdisciplinary project «Energy of Russia» for the students of 8th grade took place.  Since December 2013, the students of the 8th grade have worked on their personal projects. The students presented the problems of society and the environment which associated with one of 14 types of energy resources, prospects for the use of this type of energy source in Russia, especially the fuel and energy complex of Russia, the latest development in the field of energy-efficient technologies.  From 15 March to 21 March the students presented their projects in the classrooms. In the final conference only 10 students participated who developed their works into the projects. But only 3 projects were chosen to be sent to the conference in Moscow. On 15 April, 2014.they presented their works in the gymnasium №45 in Moscow. The best reports are «Oil» by  Ilona Cholina (8B), Sergey Prokopiev (8B),  «Solar Energy» by  Catherine Poryadina (8 b), «Wind Energy» by Alexander Queche (8B), Andrei Uvarov (8M), Vladimir Ponomarev (8B).

Our congratulations to the students.

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