The school conference of interdisciplinary project «Energy of Russia» for the students of 8th grades took place on the 14 of December 2014. The students got acquainted with the peculiarities of project activity, with their tutors and received the technical specification with the time schedule. The choice of topics for carrying out interdisciplinary project is closely connected to the real life. All human activity is connected with energy (food, heating, transport, industrial production, etc.). Energy production is an essential tool for the existence and development of the mankind. The problem of energy shortages causes humanity to think seriously about the depletion of world reserves of fossil fuels. While working on a project, eighth-graders can offer various solutions (up to global) for these problems.
Students must choose a project topic, outline a plan of action, to write an essay, create a presentation and defend it to classmates in the near future.
In April, 2016 final conference will be hold in Gymnasium 45, Moscow.
Lyubov Achkasova, deputy director
Kogalym Secondary school #8

Рубрика: IB News