On Saturday, March 12, there was a Festival of Students’ creativity in Foreign Languages. The topic of the festival was ‘English-speaking countries’. The mission of the festival is to introduce culture, traditions and customs of the people from English speaking countries. Such events have a great importance, as the issues of tolerance and cultural interaction of people of different nationalities are the most relevant nowadays.
Secondary school №8 prepared for the festival an art project «India — the land of love». 21 students took part in it. Two students from the 7th grade recited the poem «If» by the English author and poet Rudyard Kipling, who was born in India.
It’s great that our students represented the most beautiful, musical country whose culture is full of love, stories and poems. Tishkina Polina and Sergey Prokopyev played a loving couple who are not having enough money on Indian wedding ceremonies because of its high cost, managed to marry thanks to the efforts of their friends (students from 8m, 8A, 7a, 7m grades) and charity of Makesh Savani, a successful Indian businessman.
The children demonstrated excellent knowledge of the English language, the ability to sing brilliantly and lively, to dance passionately and professionally during the performance.
To declare a poem is a real art. In order to attain perfection it requires a constant hard work with the text and your own diction. The students of the 7th grade Djurabaeva G. and Zankovich N. demonstrated their wonderful ability to do it.
Our performance was highly appreciated by the city jury. Students got the first place in the following nominations: «Art Project» and «Declaration of the poem».
I’m sure each of us had an unforgettable experience; we learned something interesting from the performances of other children. I wish the organizers, all participants of the festival great success and wonderful moments!
Almira Khamitova, English teacher

Рубрика: IB News