The group of students from our school spent three weeks in the capital of the Czech Republic- Prague. When we came in Prague, we had an exciting and excursion program. From the 3rd till   the 23rd   of August we were plunged into the studying of English with native speakers. Our teachers were very interesting, lively, modern people: Melanie and Jacob. We liked that they didn’t adapt the language to us, the Russians, but they entered us to the world of English grammar and vocabulary bravely and interestingly, ignoring Russian words which we wanted to say when it was necessary to explain something fast. This method, when we weren’t afraid of making any mistakes during the speaking with natives, helped us to communicate with any person by every topic without any problems. It may be the most important thing in the studying of any language – to overcome a barrier, not to be afraid of looking funny.

In the afternoons we had excursions around Prague and different towns located next to it: knight castles, “Mystical Prague”, an aqua park, Karlštejn, popular Karlovy Vary. Meanwhile we had time to play and entertain ourselves. The studying in Prague Language Institute left bright impressions and emotions, the most important ones of them are great confidence and a wish to get more in the language studying to become a global citizen.

Farzana Grigoyeva,

Teacher of English and German languages

Рубрика: IB News