Students of our school try to improve their language skills not only working hard at the lessons, but also go to the English-speaking countries for further practice.

Every year teachers of our school organize educational trips to support students and help them to prepare for future exams and to be defined with their future Institutions.

During spring holidays we went to Malta to study at the Educational Academy Malta. Students have been studying there for 10 days. Every day they visited 6 lessons inside small International groups. The results were great. They liked everything there, mostly their leisure time which was organized at a high level. They learned o lot of new things about the country, traditions and manners of behavior. But most of all, they understood the importance of English in our modern society.

Our educational trips are organized every holiday to help the students and their parents:

  1. To improve languages
  2. To enjoy learning languages
  3. To choose future profession.

All students were very happy to practice English and felt the spring!

Tatyana Markova

Рубрика: IB News