Back to Spain again

In fact he spent two weeks in Spain with his family. Now some questions from his classmates -Andrew, why did you choose Spain for your spring holidays?

—  In our family parents usually decide in what country we will fly. So one day, few months before our spring holidays they asked me if I want to visit Spain with them and I agreed. My parents wanted to visit Spain again, because they visited this place there 20 years ago.

-Was it hard to get the Visa to Spain? For many Russians this is the only reason why they do not go abroad.

— To be truthful, it’s the same with all other Shengen countries. You easily can get visa in 3 weeks. Also if you have a chance to get visa for 2 years or more, do it. Spain Shengen visa is the same with visas as in other European countries

— What did you expect from the trip? What places did you want to visit?

— As usual, we just wanted to rest from our daily routine. For us changing the location is the best way of relaxation. It’s hard for me to focus only on one place because we mostly like just walking across the town’s streets and looking around.  Spain’s distinctive features are in its breathtaking views of nature.  Also its architecture is worth looking as my parents said. Almost every house in this country has a story as some of them are 300 and even 700 years old.

-Is it expensive to stay in Spain? How much is the public transport, food, accommodation?

— At first it is need to be mentioned that we don’t like staying in a hotel, we usually take the apartments. It is cheaper and more interesting if you want to understand the culture of the country.  As for the public transport it’s more expensive than in Russia but you can buy a transport card for 2 or 3 days and use public transport as much as you need. In Spain you can find lots of different seafood and it’s cheaper   than in  Russia but some things such as eggs, milk and bread are expensive.

About Spain for those who have not yet visited it.  Why is it worth visiting? What is the highlight of this country?

-In Spain you can relax and no matter in what way. You can just lay on the beach or try to visit all museums, that’s only  depends on your interests.

-At the end, give some advice for those who want to visit Spain.

-Try to visit as much places and cities as you can. Every part of  Spain doesn’t look like another and if you don’t like one place, you will like another!

With best wishes, Emir Vildanov

Рубрика: IB News