The International folklore festival «Bear’s Corner» was held in Kogalym Secondary school № 8 at 19th of May.

Pupils from the Khanty-Mansiysk school, from the Moscow Gymnasium № 45 came to exchange experience. The participants demonstrated a high level of preparation — each school presented its own performance. For example, the Moscow gymnasium № 45 demonstrated its interpretation of one of Gogol’s works. It turned out to be a good idea. Moreover, during the festival, students from different cities became friends, learned a lot about acting skills and secrets of a performance.  There were fascinating workshops for theatre lovers, spectacular performances took place daily.  This made an unforgettable impression for all guests and participants. Therefore, we will always remember this until the next festival!

Photo events

Sofya Menshchikova, 11B

Рубрика: IB News