In March 2020, a two-day seminar was held at Kogalym Secondary School №8 with top lecturers of the International baccalaureate Diploma Programme from Moscow. Doctor of Biological Sciences, member of the New York Academy of Sciences N.V. Lyubomyrskaya, teacher of TOK (theory of knowledge), teacher of English and German, IB DP specialist I.T. Golenopolsky, teacher of mathematics IB DP and MYP, coordinator of IB MYP Letovo School D. Ozherelyev worked with school teachers.

For our part, the seminar programme was attended by teachers of the IB Diploma Programme of our school, administration of Secondary School №8. The meeting was also attended by the Head of the Kogalym city administration, N.N. Palchikov, representatives of the LUKOIL-WESTERN SIBERIA Company and city schools’ headmasters. They discussed the development of IB DP in the city and in Secondary school №8, as well as the results since 2014.

In general, the seminar programme was practical, from both the guests and the hosts. Moscow specialists of the International Programme gave practical advice on the implementation of the basic ideas of modern education, and teachers of mathematics, biology, and English embodied these ideas into demonstrative, or, as they say,«open» lessons. They discussed the acute problems of modern society –«modern challenges» — both practical in nature — the use of mathematical techniques in solving difficult life situations and ways of safety in a pandemic, as well as global problems of modern society: family, marriage, «fathers» and «sons».

In addition, IB specialists met with students of 8–9th grades of our city’s schools and with their parents. At the meetings, the educational system of the International Baccalaureatewas presented. It should be noted that the main speaker N.V. Lyubomirskaya answered a variety of questions from students and their parents.

As a result, children and parents realized that IB is not only valuable for the Diploma that graduates will receive together with the Russian certificate of education. The programme teaches children to study independently, analyze information, develops research skills and strengthens educational motivation. The students receive two main skills: critical thinking and self-education. They become responsible to society and the environment. In addition, teaching is conducted in English — which means that by the end of school, knowledge of a foreign language will reach a very good level.

We hope that such seminars will be regular in our city and in our school. They are mutually valuable.


Svetlana Eskaeva

Deputy Director,

IB DP Coordinator

Kogalym Secondary school №8

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