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XIII annual international conference IB

From 18 to 20 April 2019, an international conference of international baccalaureate member schools was held in Kaliningrad. The conference was attended by more than 150 delegates from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Perm and other Russian cities.

Some teachers of Kogalym Secondary school №8 also visited this interesting meeting for the exchange of experience. The theme of the conference is very relevant for today’s education «Culture and technology – the driving force of education of the XXI century». Guests of the conference got acquainted with modern international pedagogical technologies, took part in many useful workshops. All events were held in a friendly atmosphere, teachers talked a lot with each other, made new interesting acquaintances and shared experiences in the IB programmes.

Teachers of our school note that such significant events are very useful for promotion in professional terms and cultural communication.

Lyudmila Brusinskaya, IB Language A teacher

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Educational Trip to Malta

Students of our school try to improve their language skills not only working hard at the lessons, but also go to the English-speaking countries for further practice.

Every year teachers of our school organize educational trips to support students and help them to prepare for future exams and to be defined with their future Institutions.

During spring holidays we went to Malta to study at the Educational Academy Malta. Students have been studying there for 10 days. Every day they visited 6 lessons inside small International groups. The results were great. They liked everything there, mostly their leisure time which was organized at a high level. They learned o lot of new things about the country, traditions and manners of behavior. But most of all, they understood the importance of English in our modern society.

Our educational trips are organized every holiday to help the students and their parents:

  1. To improve languages
  2. To enjoy learning languages
  3. To choose future profession.

All students were very happy to practice English and felt the spring!

Tatyana Markova

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The International folklore festival «Bear’s Corner» 2019

The International folklore festival «Bear’s Corner» was held in Kogalym Secondary school № 8 at 19th of May.

Pupils from the Khanty-Mansiysk school, from the Moscow Gymnasium № 45 came to exchange experience. The participants demonstrated a high level of preparation — each school presented its own performance. For example, the Moscow gymnasium № 45 demonstrated its interpretation of one of Gogol’s works. It turned out to be a good idea. Moreover, during the festival, students from different cities became friends, learned a lot about acting skills and secrets of a performance.  There were fascinating workshops for theatre lovers, spectacular performances took place daily.  This made an unforgettable impression for all guests and participants. Therefore, we will always remember this until the next festival!

Photo events

Sofya Menshchikova, 11B

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My classmate Andrew has recently returned from Spain. I wanted to know why the Russians tend there in the spring…

Back to Spain again

In fact he spent two weeks in Spain with his family. Now some questions from his classmates -Andrew, why did you choose Spain for your spring holidays?

—  In our family parents usually decide in what country we will fly. So one day, few months before our spring holidays they asked me if I want to visit Spain with them and I agreed. My parents wanted to visit Spain again, because they visited this place there 20 years ago.

-Was it hard to get the Visa to Spain? For many Russians this is the only reason why they do not go abroad.

— To be truthful, it’s the same with all other Shengen countries. You easily can get visa in 3 weeks. Also if you have a chance to get visa for 2 years or more, do it. Spain Shengen visa is the same with visas as in other European countries

— What did you expect from the trip? What places did you want to visit?

— As usual, we just wanted to rest from our daily routine. For us changing the location is the best way of relaxation. It’s hard for me to focus only on one place because we mostly like just walking across the town’s streets and looking around.  Spain’s distinctive features are in its breathtaking views of nature.  Also its architecture is worth looking as my parents said. Almost every house in this country has a story as some of them are 300 and even 700 years old.

-Is it expensive to stay in Spain? How much is the public transport, food, accommodation?

— At first it is need to be mentioned that we don’t like staying in a hotel, we usually take the apartments. It is cheaper and more interesting if you want to understand the culture of the country.  As for the public transport it’s more expensive than in Russia but you can buy a transport card for 2 or 3 days and use public transport as much as you need. In Spain you can find lots of different seafood and it’s cheaper   than in  Russia but some things such as eggs, milk and bread are expensive.

About Spain for those who have not yet visited it.  Why is it worth visiting? What is the highlight of this country?

-In Spain you can relax and no matter in what way. You can just lay on the beach or try to visit all museums, that’s only  depends on your interests.

-At the end, give some advice for those who want to visit Spain.

-Try to visit as much places and cities as you can. Every part of  Spain doesn’t look like another and if you don’t like one place, you will like another!

With best wishes, Emir Vildanov

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Summer in Prague

The group of students from our school spent three weeks in the capital of the Czech Republic- Prague. When we came in Prague, we had an exciting and excursion program. From the 3rd till   the 23rd   of August we were plunged into the studying of English with native speakers. Our teachers were very interesting, lively, modern people: Melanie and Jacob. We liked that they didn’t adapt the language to us, the Russians, but they entered us to the world of English grammar and vocabulary bravely and interestingly, ignoring Russian words which we wanted to say when it was necessary to explain something fast. This method, when we weren’t afraid of making any mistakes during the speaking with natives, helped us to communicate with any person by every topic without any problems. It may be the most important thing in the studying of any language – to overcome a barrier, not to be afraid of looking funny.

In the afternoons we had excursions around Prague and different towns located next to it: knight castles, “Mystical Prague”, an aqua park, Karlštejn, popular Karlovy Vary. Meanwhile we had time to play and entertain ourselves. The studying in Prague Language Institute left bright impressions and emotions, the most important ones of them are great confidence and a wish to get more in the language studying to become a global citizen.


Farzana Grigoyeva,

Teacher of English and German languages

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V International Folk Festival «Bear’s corner»

This is the fifth year that our school meets the guests from different parts of Russia. On March 17, the festival «Bear’s corner» was held in Kogalym Secondary School # 8.The festival dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Ugra and the 30th anniversary of Kogalym.The aim of the festival is to bring up careful attitude to historical and cultural heritage, also form the culture of communication based on understanding of the traditions and customs of the peoples of Russia.

I would like to note, how wonderful was prepared the festival this year, the organizers thought about all the details of the reception participants and guests of the festival.The festival was really organizedat the highest standards. All guests felt the uniqueness of the national mentality, and genuine interest in the cultures of the Khanty and Mansi, Udmurts, Russians, Belarusians and other peoples of Russia.Skills of performers and the bright colors of national costumes pleased the audience. During the festival there was an exhibition of arts and crafts, sightseeing and entertainment programs, seminars, workshops.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the festival «Bear’s Corner — 2017».

Tatyana Klimovskikh

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Festival of Students’ creativity in Foreign Languages

On Saturday, March 12, there was a Festival of Students’ creativity in Foreign Languages. The topic of the festival was ‘English-speaking countries’. The mission of the festival is to introduce culture, traditions and customs of the people from English speaking countries. Such events have a great importance, as the issues of tolerance and cultural interaction of people of different nationalities are the most relevant nowadays.
Secondary school №8 prepared for the festival an art project «India — the land of love». 21 students took part in it. Two students from the 7th grade recited the poem «If» by the English author and poet Rudyard Kipling, who was born in India.
It’s great that our students represented the most beautiful, musical country whose culture is full of love, stories and poems. Tishkina Polina and Sergey Prokopyev played a loving couple who are not having enough money on Indian wedding ceremonies because of its high cost, managed to marry thanks to the efforts of their friends (students from 8m, 8A, 7a, 7m grades) and charity of Makesh Savani, a successful Indian businessman.
The children demonstrated excellent knowledge of the English language, the ability to sing brilliantly and lively, to dance passionately and professionally during the performance.
To declare a poem is a real art. In order to attain perfection it requires a constant hard work with the text and your own diction. The students of the 7th grade Djurabaeva G. and Zankovich N. demonstrated their wonderful ability to do it.
Our performance was highly appreciated by the city jury. Students got the first place in the following nominations: «Art Project» and «Declaration of the poem».
I’m sure each of us had an unforgettable experience; we learned something interesting from the performances of other children. I wish the organizers, all participants of the festival great success and wonderful moments!
Almira Khamitova, English teacher

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V International Folklore Festival ‘Bear’s Corner’ welcomes its guests again!

This Festival takes place in Secondary School №8 annually. The main aim of it is to preserve distinctive cultures and folklore and to support talented children and their creative skills. Within the festival there is an exhibition of arts and crafts, sightseeing and entertainment program, workshops, master-classes.
We invite everyone on March 18-19, 2016 at the V folk festival «Bear’s corner». The current topic is «Northern Lights». The Festival is dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Ugra, the 30th anniversary of Kogalym.

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All-Russian Festival of Creative Discoveries and Initiatives “Leonardo” was held in the secondary school №3 on the 3d of March. The students from Kogalym, Nizhnevartovsk, Surgut, Langepas presented their projects on different topics. It is well known that it is not too late to study at any age.
My research “Enjoy your meal!” about English and Mansi cuisinewas awarded with the First Class Diploma in the humanitarian section.I wanted to win, because it gives the opportunity to visitMoscow andpresent my work at Lomonosov Moscow State University.
I wish for everyone involved in the Festival curiosity, new discoveries, and creative success!
The student of the 7th M form
Nikita Zankovich

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A new victory!

Education in Kogalym Secondary school №8 gives students many opportunities to develop not only mental but creative skills. Some students choose theater, others choose singing. So as we did. Due to this, we have a chance to perform for our school’s audience and take part in local or even international competitions.

One of them is the festival-contest of folk song, music and dance «Malachite pattern», which took place in Yekaterinburg. Our collective «Rossiyanochka» and an artistic head Svetlana Ryaboshapka, went to Yekaterinburg on the 19th of February. We had started our preparations before leaving because we definitely couldn’t express ourselves in front of the exalted jury which included people’s artists of Russia like Anna Litvinenko, Anatoliy Khizhnyak and Inessa Gareeva.

The competition was held in the evening of the 21st of February in the Palace of Culture «Zheleznodorozhnikov». It was a big surprise for us to find out that our rivals, who were from different age categories and nominations, were not only people from all over Russia, but from the nearest foreign countries.

The competition included a master class, given by a jury’s chairman, Anna Litvinenko’s. Lots of contestants took part in it with the great pleasure. The professor was sharing her impression and tips how to sing better during two hours.

The award ceremony took place on the 22nd of February. We were given the First and the Third place laureate diplomas as well as the competition’s statuettes. It was truly unforgettable experience and we want to thank our magnificent school!

Sofya Arefyeva, 11а
Sofya Menshikova, 8а