1. General Information
  2. The Mission of the school
  3. Application:
  1. School organization chart
  2. IB Diploma Teachers
  3. IB Diploma programme Subjects
  4. Curriculum
  5. CAS
  6. Extracurricular Activities
  7. Broshure
  8. University admission

Initial DP subject explorations 2019-2020

Group 1
Language A1
Russian  literature SL
Group 2
Language B
 English B HL

German ab initio

Group 3
Individuals & Societies
History HL
  1. IB DP Assessment Model
  • Internal Assessment for each subject (24%–50%)
  • Externally assessed course work
  • External examinations for all subjects (except Visual Arts) at the end of Year 2
  • 24 points required for diploma
  • Results are criterion referenced, not scaled. This means all subjects are equal
  1. IB DP Internal Assessment
  • Accounts for 24%–50% of total marks
  • All internally marked and externally moderated
  1. International Recognition
  • Diplomas are widely accepted for University entrance — especially in the English speaking world, Europe and Asia Pacific
  • In some countries, especially in the USA, but also in Australia, DP graduates are given advanced standing
  • Many universities welcome DP graduates because of the holistic and pre-tertiary nature of the diploma.
  1. Who is really suited to the DP?
  • Students from travelling families
  • Students with overseas university aspirations
  • Students who love learning for its own sake
  • Students who thrive on a challenge and are self motivated
  • Students who can or are willing to organise their own time
  • Students growing up in an international context
  • Students who have engaged fully with MYP
  1. The mission statement of Kogalym secondary school #8
  2. The school aims to develop an educational system based on the international standards.
  3. The mission of the school is to encourage students to become active inquirers, thinkers, communicators, knowledgeable, caring and responsible citizens of the information society.
  4. Normative documents